Floriculture Company Terrevivaci

Terre Vivaci is a company which produces only organic crops. The land on which it operates comes from organic certification in 2000. The company is certified organic (regulation ce 834/07) and BioSuisse.
The Biosuisse certification is a flagship as it is more rigid than European legislation.
For reasons of environmental sustainability, they have decided to use only completely recyclable plastic pots and light gray infrared detectable (concerning 14 cm. pots).
The range of available aromatics (from self-produced cuttings) is quite wide: rosemary officinalis and prostratus, thyimus faustini, silverqueen, aureus, citriodorus, foxley, savory mountain, salvia officinalis, helichrysum italicum, origanum vulgare and majorana, mint, lavender angustifolia , mainly in diameters 9 and 14 pots.
In addition, the product is supplied with a photographic label with the certifications on the back.